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What is life coaching?

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, the definition of coaching is to:-

"tutor, train, give hints, prime with facts".

This definition barely skims the surface of what a Life Coach can offer.  Life Coaching can be a very powerful and effective tool.

Life Coaching essentially helps and supports a person go from where they are now in life to where they want to go.

What Life Coaching is NOT

Coaching is not therapy

Coaching is not counselling

Coaching is not advice-giving

Many people would describe their experience of being coached as highly therapeutic.  What they might mean by this is that the coaching helped them to satisfactorily address what they perceived to be problems in their lives.  They might mean that coaching has helped them to feel happier or less stressed.  They might even mean that coaching has helped them to feel healthier or more energised than they felt at the starting of the coaching process.  All of the above can be as a result of coaching.  There is no doubt that coaching can help improve a person's physical and mental well-being.  But coaching is NOT a form of therapy.

What does coaching involve?

Coaching helps people to:-

- set priorities in their life

- achieve a better work-life balance

- understand their strengths and weaknesses

- resolve problems in their personal life

- overcome obstacles

- achieve their goals

- identify their life values

- help them to create an action plan

- act as a sounding board

- challenge themselves to achieve greater things

- stick to their resolutions

- acknowledge their successes