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Do you want to fulfill your lifelong ambitions and dreams?
Do you want to feel less stressed, overwhelmed, confused, bored? 
Life Coaching could be the answer!

I am a professional and certified Life Coach.  I am fully committed to helping my clients achieve what they want from life.

Chase your dream!
We make our own limitations in life: through self-doubt, fear and conformity but we can also expand our horizons.  We can push through the barriers, real and imagined.  If you have a dream, give it a chance.  Empower yourself!  (from "Now is the Time... 170 ways to seize the moment" by  Patrick Lindsay)

'The truth lies in a man's dreams'  (Miguel de Cervantes - 1547-1616)

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Sarah Cawley
Accredited Life Coach (The Blackford Centre)